Terms and Conditions


The erection of an awning is subject to the approval and acceptance of the Management following discussions as to suitability and compliance to size of pitch.



Hard-Standings can be installed at most pitches upon application to the management and will incur an installation charge £150.00



Winter Storage for 2017/18 will £155 paid in advance no later than 1st November 2017.

IF you pay your ground rent in full you will get your winter storage reduced to £85.00 saving you a massive £70



Customers wishing to reserve a plot for the 2018 season and who do not wish to pay for the season in advance may do so upon receipt of a £300 deposit which is non-refundable .

All rents due must be paid no later than 1st February 2018 if payment in full have not been received by 1st February 2018,all monies will be forfeited and the reservation will be cancelled. You will also be required to remove your caravan as you will incur a storage charge of £25.50 per day whilst it remains on site.

For the avoidance of doubt for those not paying in full by the 1st November 2017 the deposit Of £300 & £155 winter storage is due in full £455 by the 1st Nov 2017.



All caravans mustbe insured, and proof of insurance must be made available upon request by the management or their agents.Failure to provide proof of insurance may lead to the management ordering the caravan to be removed from the site until such times as satisfactory proof of insurance is presented. There will be no discount or reduction in ground rent during the period that the caravan is off the site.



To comply with health, Safety and Hygiene Regulations and in the interests and comfort of all site users, the following will apply.

Those who breach the following will be deemed to have terminated the conditions of the rental of their pitch and will be asked to leave the site. In such cases the management will reserve the right to retain all monies paid at their discretion.

Fresh water supplies and wastewater to and from caravans must be self-contained and extension pipes to the sites water supply and drainage is not permitted.

Water standing points are provided for the collection of fresh water only and the drainage at these points must not be used for the disposal of wastewater.

Wastewater from caravans and waste from chemical toilets can only be disposed of by using the sluice behind the main toilet and shower block.



Only non-combustible storage sheds and containers approved by the management at their discretion may be placed or erected on a pitch. Storage of any petrol/diesel containers in sheds or under vans is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN..

All pitches must be maintained in a tidy condition for the comfort of all users of the site.



These are strictly prohibited



Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and not left in awnings or caravans barking, and the owner must remove all fouling immediately



Any person whose’ behaviour necessitates that they are excluded from the sites licensed premises and has a caravan on the site will be deemed to be in major breach of the sites conditions.In such cases the management will have sole discretion to deal with the situation and holds the right to demand that the customer removes the caravan and vacates the site without any refund for unused time remaining on the plot.The customer will forfeit the right to any claims whatsoever against the company and/or its agents.



Only one vehicle is permitted on to the Park on each pitch. All other vehicles must use the car park. However ALL vehicles MUST be left in the car park during periods of prolonged rain or when the turf becomes sodden to avoid damage. All visitors must leave their vehicles in the site car park AT ALL TIMES




The practice of the sub-letting of caravans is strictly forbidden. In such cases where this issue comes to light, the management will have sole discretion to deal with the situation how it sees fit.

The management however reserve the right to demand that the customer removes and vacates the site with out any refund for unused time remaining on the plot

Under such a circumstance the customer will forfeit ALL rights to ANY claims whatsoever against the company and/or its agents.

Contracts signed by the kings head for caravans and pitches are not under any circumstances transferable.

Any customer who wishes to allow their family to use their caravan must complete all the necessary forms before they can gain access to the site. Visitors are required to fill in the appropriate forms and may not remain on site overnight with out consultation and agreement with the management.



Parents and/or Guardians of children on or visiting the site are reminded that they will be held responsible for any damage or defacement of property committed by them.They are also reminded that noisy and abusive behaviour that disturbs other customers will not be tolerated.Customers must also take into consideration that it is the policy of the company to promote a happy family environment and that children are an important element to that aim.




The advertising of caravans by displaying notices in the caravan window or by any other means is not permitted anywhere on the site. The management provides facilities and assistance, and information can be obtained from the office regarding the sale of caravans, etc.




Defacing or wilfully damaging company property or private property will not be tolerated. In such cases the management will have sole discretion to deal with the situation and holds the right to demand that the customer removes the caravan and vacates the site without any refund for unused time remaining on the plot. The customer will forfeit the right to any claims whatsoever against the company or its agents. It is normal company policy to prosecute in such cases.



DO NOT LET OTHER VEHICLES ON TO THE PARK! All key fobs are registered to your vehicle, so if you let other vehicles on to the site your key fob will become inactive, and will require the fob to be reprogrammed.This will incur a cost of 10.00.




Anyone found abusing the electric supply will be prosecuted and will be removed from the site immediately




It is not permitted to use water from the shower-block for the cleaning of caravans/cars. For a small charge, the management provide a proper pressure wash facility for this purpose




We would draw your attention to the fees charged by us reflect this as a Touring Caravan Site and NOT a Residential Site.